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Belleville Councilman Joins Reform Party of NJ



Chairman Jacob Zychick

Reform Party of New Jersey

(201) 248-7525

Belleville Councilman Joins Reform Party of NJ

Belleville, NJ, 12/1/2011— The Reform Party of New Jersey’s Executive Committee announced on Thursday evening that Belleville Township Councilman Kevin Kennedy is now a registered member of the Reform Party, thus making him the first elected official within the Garden State to join the newly founded alternative party.

“I think this is a very positive development,” said Dennis Mikolay, the organization’s co-founder. “It is clear that the Reform Party’s message resonates with people. I look forward to working alongside Councilman Kennedy to help promote the message of political reform.”

Belleville Township, which is located next to Newark, has a population of 35,926.

Councilman Kennedy was first elected to the Township Committee in 1998. After several years as a Councilman-at-large, he was re-elected in 2003, 2006, and 2011. An active member of the community, he was recently named “Man of the Year” by the Belleville Irish-American Association, and currently also serves as the President of the Belleville Historical Society.

The Reform Party of New Jersey was founded by a group of student activists in 2010. While Councilman Kennedy is the party’s first elected official, he is not the first establishment figure to abandon the two major parties. Several months ago, Mark D. Quick resigned his position as a member of Warren County Republican Committee and joined the Reform Party.

“The recent exodus of courageous citizens from the two major parties is inspiring,” said Chairman Jacob Zychick. “The Reform Party leadership has recently been approached by several other elected officials who have expressed an interest in leaving their respective parties in favor of ours.”

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